Arfara Honey  is produced in the mountains of Peloponnese, with passion and love by George Bouras and his family.

Its special quality, its special aroma and taste, is the result of many years of experience, as George acquired his first hives when he was 15 years old.
It all started when two beehives accidentally arrived in the yard of his house. This first contact with the bee was enough to experiment, learn and very soon acquire a significant number of hives. In the 3rd class of Lyceum/High School he already owned 30. After joining the army, he utilized the remaining ones and very soon increased them up to 100.
Today 500 beehives produce Arfara Honey, pollen and royal jelly.
George Bouras made his hobby a profession and offers an excellent product. Talking to him you understand his love, since as he says with a smile "I wake up in the morning and I want to go to the beehives". And it should be noted that he has chosen very carefully the areas where he moves the hives, to offer his customers the best product.
As for the bee, as he says, it is a "source of life" and calls on farmers to be especially careful when sprinkling their crops and to take into account that if the bees are lost, fertilization will not be done properly in their own fields.
Spraying should be avoided at noon and should be done either early in the morning or late in the afternoon and evening.
Arfara Honey is standardized in the modern standardization place of the family (standard no. 17SMO2).